There is a Shadow Here

And that’s perhaps the most disturbing thing about this town, you can’t help but get the impression that it wants you there.  Not in any sort of welcoming embrace, but more of a craven hunger.  The developers and their venture capitalists have their grand plans for how they’re going to remake this place into a shining beacon of a resort community nestled in a remote part of the Massachusetts coast, but it seems that all they’re really doing is setting the table for a beast slowly rousing from its torpor.

I walked off the job for the first time in my life today. There is a shadow over that place that is stirring, and I’ve no intention of putting myself with reach of its grasp as it stretches its lazy limbs to wakefulness.  I’m heading west, to California.  See if I can’t make a go of it there.  Anything to put as much distance between myself and that town as possible.

I pray it is enough.

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